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Coporate AV (Zipped File, 72.4 MB) <NEW>
Coporate Presentation (Powerpoint File, 2.77 MB,     PDF File 1.46 MB) <NEW>
Business Proposition (Powerpoint File, 1.02 MB,     PDF File 3.25 MB) <NEW>
E-Learning Presentation (Powerpoint File 1.81 MB ,   PDF File 4.34 MB) <NEW>
E-Testing Presentation (Powerpoint File, 11.9 MB ,   PDF File 2.50 MB<NEW>

Education Division Presentation (Powerpoint File, 72 KB)
Content Development Division Presentation (Powerpoint File, 116 KB)
Web Development Portfolio Presentation (Powerpoint File 1.03 MB )

Unzip Instructions:
Copy the Zip file in a folder of your choice.
Right Click on the File Icon
Select "Openwith -> Compressed Zip Folder" & Click
You will  see a file window with folder "uptecAV"
Click on "Extract All files" in the left panel.
Follow the wizard Instructions
Go to the folder created after extraction.
RUN "START.EXE" in the sub-folder uptecAV .